Welcome to LeahNorwood.com!

Welcome friends! My name is Leah Norwood and I live in South Carolina with my husband and daughter. I created this space as a catch all for everything going on in our lives right now.

We are in the process of doing IVF to grow our family and I will be talking more about that in detail moving forward. I owned a clothing store, Mosaic, for almost 10 years and just recently decided it was time for my next adventure. I have worked in fashion for almost 17 years so expect to see a lot of style woven into this site:)

I am also very passionate about ditching and switching and picking safer, non-toxic options for your home and family. I also believe in a healthy balance and don’t think anyones non-toxic journey should be all or nothing.

I also love interiors and am currently in the middle of a really fun project that I will reveal very very soon!

There will be a wide array of topics covered here but I am so excited to bring you all along on this journey of motherhood and life!

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